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    looking for a slide , the one I have is splitting. The gun was a present for my kids bought new this past winter in fla. by my uncle he is 80 , left paper work fla by time we get it it will be out of warrenty. I called sig they looked up the # it is 4 years old and will not honor it. I asked to buy one they told me the slides are not interchangable this is bull. I have a 400$ paper weight. this gun is junk. SAVE YOUR MONEY or just buy lottery tickets
  2. sdtfishing59

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    snook did the slide crack , both sides horzintal by the saftey? check back at my postings on this paper weight. see how great sig is at customer service, Buy a buck mark you will never be sorry. Eats any amo shoot 1 1/2 groups and better@17 yards. just pu williams fire sights on it or buy tyhe modle that has this type of sight. Love it and if I caN EVER FIX THE SIG i'll sell it and buy a 2nd buck mark never had so much fun shooting until I bought this gun

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    gotta be kidding sig sells a junk gun?

    I have heard a lot of bad on the mosquito apparently it is one the few guns they sell and do not make.

    that is the weirdest thing ever slide splitting, I would try taking it to a really good gunsmith with good machining equipment mb he could fix it.

    I am sad to hear this one for your kids two because it looks just like my p22 under the hood and the slide on mine is zinc.

    good luck.

    by the by my 22/45 has little or no wear shoots 75yds and 1in with optics.

    no slide to crack other parts are very well made Ruger is and has been no1 in 22s since 1949.
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    I believe individuals are frustrated and exasperated with this pistol, not necessarily all Sigs. Fact is people have more problematic issues with this Sig model than others I'm familiar with. People have stated they have problems with their slide splitting and you question their ability to determine their individual problem? Since they didn't ask you for help, don't criticize their ability to diagnose their own problem. Second, this Sig, nor any other ever made, has had a slide made of zinc. Zinc is used to galvanize steel to prevent corrosion. They mix it with other materials to enhance corrosion protection but limited applications otherwise. It's entirely too soft to be used to fabricate a slide.
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    I too got suckered into a mosquito... the grips felt so correct when I bought it. But it's also my fault because I didn't research the firearm prior to the purchase. Frustration is the word here. I know that the Sig factory knows about the problems with the mosquito, so why do they still sell it? Why haven't they corrected the problems with it? Don't they know that the pistol is just a paper weight? Don't they care about their reputation? These issues have convinced to me steer clear of purchasing any other Sig Sauer products. I just don't trust them.