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Discussion in 'Pistols' started by cudman, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Cowboy10

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    I purchased the SP 2022 about 2 months ago. After running 500 rounds through it I found it to be an awsome weapon. It is far mor acurate than I am but I can consistantly rip out the bulls eye at 7 yards. For the price it beats the competition hands down.
  2. Rmgo326

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    Hey I did buy two holsters for this gun a IWB Don Hume 715 M NO.XD 40-4. not made for sig but fits perfect. I also picked up a the sig pro paddle holster. ... r-357.aspx

    Below is a letter from Sig about what holster you should get:

    There has been confusion as to which accessory rail is featured on SP2022 pistols.

    The original SP2022, which shipped through the end of last year, featured the same assessory rail as our standard P226 and P229 models. The rail has a curved profile on the bottom when viewed from the front.

    This model can also be identified by the following serial number prefixes:



    Our holster (item 8500289) is compatible with this holster.

    The accessory rail changed for all SP2022 frames last last year. The new accessory rail is a tru M1913 rail, similar to the P250 and P220 Combat. The rail has a flat profile when viewed from the front.

    This model can be identified by the serial number prefix "24B"

    The sigpro holster (item 8500289) will not fit this pistol. Sig is workingon on a new holster to accomodate this version. Blackhawk does produce a version of their Serpa to accomodate the new rail design.

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    This is a great gun for the price. Typical great Sig quality, got a NIB at an auction for $350.00.
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    I work part time at our gun shop gun counter here in Coshocton Ohio website: - - and I get a lot of people looking a the Smiths and Rugers and so on. It's really easy to convince them to step up their game from a sigma or a Smith SD9 or SD40 when I put the SP2022 in their hands. It's not much more significant in price and certainly has more features and dependability then other comparable pieces. I've owned my SP2022 for around a year and absolutely love it. After around 700 rounds it hasn't jammed yet.

    The De-cocker and slide are in very convenient and easily manipulated places which ads to a smooth and quick operation in front of he clients at the gun counter. A while back Sig was selling them with a tritium night-sight package included with the regular cost of the SP2022 - it was a steal. I also picked up a laser to play with to mount to the tactical rail...I find it's not much use in my opinion except as a fun toy.