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Discussion in 'Pistols' started by NLW184, Mar 24, 2006.

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    I never leave a weapon in a vehicle, period. As far as the house, standard layers of defense include, A) Badass Redbone Coonhound B) Revolver C) 12 Gauge. Not in any particular order. The expensive weapons are tucked away. My Sig 1911 TacOps can often be at hand.
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    I owned a P229 and sold it and now years later purchased one and did not inspect it as I had to wait 6 weeks to get it. Not inspecting the P229 was a big mistake as the new owners of Sig in my opinion have let quality go the wrong direction. My P229 has the worst fit of the slide to the frame that is beyond of any quality standard I have seen. At the rear of P229 where the slide and frame should line up like they do on other brands my slide sits forward of the rear of the frame leaving a ledge large enough to balance coins on. Over 4 weeks a go I wrote to Bill Lutton, VP Engineering about the fit of my P229 and have not received any thing from him. Since Sig does a lot of contracts with government agencies my view is that the went back to the old quality statement "Good enough for government work". It is my mistake for not inspecting the P229 before handing over the money, if I had I would not have wasted my money on what I consider an inferior quality firearm. I've owned S&W's, Colt's, Beretta's, Ruger's, Walther's & Taurus handguns and all of them the slide to frame fit was flush at the rear leaving no lip to balance coins on.

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    I'm sorry you had a bad experience but I don't think you should bash an entire line of gun just because you're unhappy with the particular gun you own. The slide on my gun fits slightly forward of the frame on the back of my 229 as well. This does not effect the operation and quality of my gun at all. I can feed this gun anything and it will eat it right up. I've never had a single jam even with cheap ammo. Shoots just as accurate as the day I bought it and I've put thousands of rounds through it. To hell and back reliability. Enough said.
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    In most cases I would agree Sandman, but not this time. I've listened to this complaint already and know that the previous group running the show wouldn't have let something like this get by final inspection. They also wouldn't have ever let a customer with a quality complaint go a month without addressing the issue. If they choose to ignore one customer today, they'll ignore two tomorrow. It's only fair to let the buying public know that there's a problem if the company isn't willing to do the right thing. What other recourse does he have? He's trying which is more than I can say for Sig...