Shotgun, What to look for?

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    When I get a new/diff sidearm, I have learned to make sure an acceptable holster is available.... it took me two goofs for that lesson to sink in.

    When I got my 7+1 Mossberg Pump Shotgun a few years ago, I made sure, I could add a Side-Saddle Shell Holder on it, if I ever chose to, and already had a solid butt-plate for it (I hate those 'cushy-rubber' butt-plates, they always snag on my clothes... lost a few rabbits because of that).

    Yesterday, I decided that SG needed a side-saddle and the only decent ones required the synthetic hand grip, so I was good.
    It seems odd no one makes a 6 round side-saddle for a wood pump model (the wood has to be cut-away for those to work).

    I also made sure it was pre-drilled for a scope &/or rail, but haven't had need for those options.... yet.