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Discussion in 'Gun Chatter' started by Izy, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. beltbuckle

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    It sounds like your arguement against the mil is to play guessing games with the duplex??? Your system my be true, and I imagine can be accurate but it sure seems like it can leave allot of room for error.

    Agree'd you get what you pay for, and non front focal plane scopes require a set power for the mils to be accurate. Odds are I'd be using high magnification at those distances anyway...

    I also agree about the ranging aspect although I still believe it to be a usefull tool.

    Would you feel better if we discuss 400 yards where the drop is under 10" between the calibers we're discussing?

    I almost agree about the BDC's but they are becoming much more prevelent and are available in many of the popular calibers.

    IMO the 270 and 30-06 are all very similar in both power and trajectory up untill the 400 yard mark. I will give you this, the 270 is a slight bit better after the 400 mark but I think the 308 makes up for that with heavier available bullets.

    The .270 and '06 are best used with barrels of 24 or 26 inches, although this last isn't common. Were one down around 22" in barrel length, the .308 is probably the better choice for performance.

    In a bolt-action, and particularly for a handloader, the '06 is the best of the three for all around use. In a semi-auto critter, the .308 is better; practice ammo is cheap.

    The .270 is almost purely a hunting cartridge. In skilled hands it's quite suitable for elk.
  2. whitehood

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    No guessing at all. You can use the duplex for ranging. As far as beyond 400 yards you'd better start knowing your ranges and your bullets every 25 yards or so. Like I said before consistency is the key. Unless you're going to make a deer stand into a benchrest the situation in the field is never going to be the same. There are simply too many variables in field situations to get that kind of consistency and chances are you're looking at a moving target in the process. Sure there a lot of tricks to help, but most guys don't know them. One of the things that I got out of High Power was the use of a real shooting glove to dampen the pulse and to at least try to shoot with what I'll be wearing at the time of the hunt.

    I'm less concerned about barrel length now with the newer powders and newer bullets. With copper based bullets like Barnes you'll still get the "advertised" velocities and with handloading the 270 can and will go faster than factory ammunition. With a 24 inch barrel you can push a 130 grain bullet very fast and with Copper based bullets like Barnes there's not a problem reaching the original velocities of slightly over 3100 fps. The 308 is struggling to get to 2800 with a 150 and a sectional density that's not nearly as good. The parameters are just different with a hunting round vs a sniping round.

  3. beltbuckle

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    Ha, I've often considered dragging a lead sled out into the field with me!

    You might have a point on the 270. It's a caliber I've never really given allot of thought to but I still wouldn't disregard the 308. Another benifit of the 308 we havent touched on is that on a bolt rifle its available in short action. As you already know the 270 and 30-06 are long action rifles.

    BTW, I'm not usually all about the 308. Although I respect it, currently I'm enamored with the 300rum. It my be a bit excessive for the OP's needs however. Recoil certainly is....
  4. whitehood

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    I'm not into taking a beating much beyond the 300 Weatherby. The ultramags are interesting as are the Lazzeroni's but from I'm hearing unless you're using a 27 or 28 inch barrel there is still incomplete burning of the powder column. Also its reputed that Lazzeroni's ballistics give you a bit of blue sky and that the rifles/cartridges are tested at 3000 foot sea level. I just don't know enough about them to comment intelligently and I don't have a lick of experience with them. What I'm enamored of is the Dakota's and from what I"ve heard they're having financial problems. If I had some spare change I'd like one of their rifles in 330 Dakota along with the appropriate overseas trip to try it out.
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    A-bolt Browning or Savage if you can get them. Dont try to save on the scope, get as much scope as you can and more. Leupold, and Nikons are not bad either. Bipods are a bitch, try shooting off your knee. 30-06 and you'll stop looking. Shot placement is everything or you'll be reading about the stuff for eeeeeever.
  6. bulletproofvest

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    Hey, as long as you know how to use it well, you can choose any rifle you like. You should also match it for your exact use.


    Wear ballistic body armor for your protection.

    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    i don't use an auto-loader for hunting deer. my remington .300 win mag, 3+1 with an inexpensive 3x9 bushnell scope got me 2 nice bucks last year... 1 shot each, and both fell within 10 feet of where they were hit.

    no loss of meat either.

    not a great choice for rabbits or target shooting, though.

    shotgun for rabbits & a .22 for cheap fun?
  8. ulgydog56

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    i love bolt actions for deer hunting and levers, they just feel right..hey got nothing againt semiauto rifles,super quick follow ups..i just don,t feel the need.......
  9. Noleforever9399

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    For me I love Remington model 700's, it's my favorite rifle. But it all comes down to what you would like the best. Browning a/x bolts, winchester 70's, marlin XL or XS 7's, the list could go on and on. There definitely isn't a shortage of quality rifles out there. As for caliber I would say anywhere from .25-06 to a .30-06 would do just fine. That would include .270, .280, .308, 7mm remington mag(what I use) and others. Really when it comes to guns and calibers most of it comes down to presonal preference.
  10. GOANRA

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    Got 2 more deer this year with my .300WinMag (Winchester SuperX 180gr SP).
    Used 3 rounds; 1 to check scope & 1 for each deer.
    As usual, deer fell where they were hit so no tracking.
    I am ok to 300 yards, before I lose the shot.
    Now it's back in the safe until I check the scope, next year.

    It is absolutely the best 'huntin' rifle/caliber I ever had.
    It is absolutely NOT a fun shooter.