scam alert!!!!

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    Possible Scam going on this sight!!!!!

    I had a Glock 22 for sale in the classified on this site. I

    had it listed for $490.00, which no one in there right mind

    would pay for it but that was the least I could take for as

    much as I had In. well the add was up for so long I

    forgot about it, until member"younghernandeazz" replied

    saying he would pay full price and then some. Long story

    short and 2 months later, He sends me a check for

    $3000.00. If that is not enough, He said His "Shipper"

    needed the rest of the money, close to $2400.00 sent via

    western union immediately after the check clears my

    bank, then they said someone would be buy tomorow, to

    pick it up. I went to my band and the instantly said I was

    being scammed and not to touch the 3000.00 I deposited

    on friday. what they do is get you to draw cash and give

    it to them, then the check goes bad. I thought the

    community here would like to know that. I have all the

    email corispondance and message from this website

    between Mr. Young Hernandez, I will keep them for

    records. I will not be sending anyone any money buy

    western union. Oh, the supposed shippiing company

    called me today and said they would be buy tomorow, I

    said no such thing will happen, I am being scammed, she

    said oh, ok, I will look into it. let me know what you think?