scam alert on this site!!!

Discussion in 'Legal & Political' started by ke7zem, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. ke7zem

    ke7zem Well-Known Member

    Possible Scam going on this sight!!!!!

    I had a Glock 22 for sale in the classified on this site. I

    had it listed for $490.00, which no one in there right mind

    would pay for it but that was the least I could take for as

    much as I had In. well the add was up for so long I

    forgot about it, until member"younghernandeazz" replied

    saying he would pay full price and then some. Long story

    short and 2 months later, He sends me a check for

    $3000.00. If that is not enough, He said His "Shipper"

    needed the rest of the money, close to $2400.00 sent via

    western union immediately after the check clears my

    bank, then they said someone would be buy tomorow, to

    pick it up. I went to my band and the instantly said I was

    being scammed and not to touch the 3000.00 I deposited

    on friday. what they do is get you to draw cash and give

    it to them, then the check goes bad. I thought the

    community here would like to know that. I have all the

    email corispondance and message from this website

    between Mr. Young Hernandez, I will keep them for

    records. I will not be sending anyone any money buy

    western union. Oh, the supposed shippiing company

    called me today and said they would be buy tomorow, I

    said no such thing will happen, I am being scammed, she

    said oh, ok, I will look into it. let me know what you think?
  2. ulgydog56

    ulgydog56 Well-Known Member

    if its to good to be true...........................hey with the possible exception off good old mom and dad ---no one gives you money for free............

  3. ke7zem

    ke7zem Well-Known Member

    you got it, in fact, in one of my e-mails with this character I said just that. if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. He's still emailing me, His last one was he's going to contact his financial institution and have the check cancelled. I said, that's fine with me, I'm not touching that money!
  4. ulgydog56

    ulgydog56 Well-Known Member

    I would call your states attorney generals office and report it ,hey what ever you think...............
  5. ke7zem

    ke7zem Well-Known Member

    I have reported the scam to the FBI. I have a coppy of all the emails, the fake shippers name and number, and my bank has the fake check. I hope we get'em..

    thank you all for your advice.
  6. Gloc9mm

    Gloc9mm Well-Known Member

    KE7, Great! Good Luck, I hope all turns out well. Just in case though, keep your weapon handy at all times! I'm not trying to frighten you, I just feel being prepared for anything is better than not. You never know what these people are capable of and I'd hate to see anything happen to you.
  7. ke7zem

    ke7zem Well-Known Member

    gloc9 for sure, I allways have one or two at my imediate disposal at the house and I carry everywhere I go. thank you

    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    That's an old scam, still going on though.

    Many sellers require a CC, USPS M.O., or a Well know Bank's Cashiers' Check.

    Defrauding the USPS or a Federally Insured Bank will be investigated and felony charges will be persued.
    Good info to know if you are selling something online.

    other MOs can be copied and a seller can end up with a worthless duplicate with no one willing to enforce collection.