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    Saw the reports on the Governor and I think S&W missed an opportunity, even though it would have been risky.

    By following Taurus' lead (S&W copying Taurus, in a revolver, that is a story in itself) S&W played it safe, but they developed a new revolver frame length. If the effort had been directed towards a shorter cylinder instead of a longer cylinder they could have really changed the CCW revolver game, and they already have that category well in hand. There are two issues with small revolvers that hinder their competition with the new sub-compact autos, cylinder diameter (not much can be done there, and cartridge length. Compare a .38 Special with a 380 or 9mm, lots longer. By using a shorter cartridge like 45 Auto Rim (does it work in the Governer? he asks) they could shorten the over all length of the cylinder and frame and improve overall length, and ejection issues!

    It would be a Bulldog on steroids, and 1/4 to 3/8 shorter in the cylinder, not much you say but in the areas of ejection and weight it could be enough to win some folks over.

    To really take it to the best advantage, a new .40-.45 dia rimmed caliber, developed using modern powders and pressures could shave 1/2 inch off the OAL of current revolver rounds and increase muzzle velocity over the .44 Spec and .45 Colt. With the might of S&W and the reputation of their snubbies behind it I think they could succeed where Charter's 9mm CARR failed.