Ruger Single Six Reviews

Discussion in 'Revolvers' started by TrumpetShooter, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. TrumpetShooter

    TrumpetShooter Member

    My Single-Six is the convertible model. It has a .22 magnum cylinder and a .22lr cylinder. Shoots straight, looks great. Easy home-grown trigger job. Very heavy cowboy gun.

    Love it! $289 NIB in April of 2004. Wouldnt trade it or sell it.

  2. Gambler

    Gambler Member

    The single six is an excellent target shooter, plinker, and small game pistol. I have the blued finish .22LR/.22WMR and have had no problems with the gun. Easy to care for and clean, the gun has served me well. Another excellent product from Ruger. However, be aware of look alike .22LR/.22WMR revolvers. They may look the same but fall way short in durability and accuracy. Although Ruger may be slightly higher than others in this type of pistol, you get what you pay for in quality and durability.
  3. piper

    piper Member

    I have a single six in .22 and .22 mag, 51/2 inch barrel stainless version. I love shooting it when I can get it away from the wife. Shell play all day. Its a solid, accurate single action thats good for target, hunting or plinking. Buy a western style holster and practice your draw. Kick up to the mag for bigger game. Its slow to reload but a great gun for a beginner. Good sights, decent trigger, shoots shorts, longs, long rifle and magnums and doesnt jam. A days worth of fun for less tha $10 bucks in ammo.
  4. qncy_blw

    qncy_blw Well-Known Member

    Since 1972, Ive owned and shoot often a Ruger 6 1/2 inch Single Six 22lr/22mag Convertible. Through tens of thousands of rounds, it has never given me any problems. My only regret is that around 1979 I sent it back to the factory under warranty to upgrade the safety mechanism. When it came back the fine trigger pull that I previously have had was lost. I thought the new trigger would smooth out after shooting it awhile but although it has lightened up a bit it is not the same.
  5. Sunshyne099

    Sunshyne099 Member

    just recently bought one of these from 65. A woman was selling her husbands collection after he passed away. It is a real beauty! Fires great and is great fun. Very easy to deal with and clean. It makes me feel like a REAL cowgirl! Great choice for collectors! Wow qncy, thanks for the info on the upgrade! I got a notice about it when I purchased my Ruger Mark 3. I was wondering if I should send my six in or not. Now I will definitely not.
  6. harleyranger

    harleyranger Active Member

    ya i got one of these too .. found it in a pawn shop 85 bucks ,, 98 %condition had the 22 mag cylinder i found a 22 lr cylinder on e=bay after i called ruger and they quoted me about 300 dollars for a fitted cylinder i chanced it ,, after i got it took it to a gun smityh buddy of mine he checked it and it worked perfect so score ,,,, its a fun well built revolver a pain to reload but its the cowboy thing and it does shoot magnums too so on 22 magnum days it or my amt auto mag 2 gets the nod depending on the rifle i carry that day . it did have one small nick in the grips .. so i'm always looking for a replace ment other than that great blueing straight shooter
  7. sittingmoose10.31_51shaman

    sittingmoose10.31_51shaman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the thought! I have the 50 th. Anniversary Model w/ Rosewood grips 2,000 rounds ammo....a back yard range...I'm spendin' the rest o' the day plinkin', thanx .
  8. ShootSS

    ShootSS Well-Known Member

    I was blessed to purchase two Sturm Ruger Single Six models in one day at an estate auction. One was the convertible model (22lr and 22 mag) the other was just the .22 long rifle. My son and I shoot at a large old acetylene torch tank (goes TING when you hit it) from our deck. It is an approximately man sized target. It is 85 yards away and we rarely miss.


    If you can get into one right, you'll never regret it.
  9. ShootSS

    ShootSS Well-Known Member

    My son and I each scored one of these at the same auction. At $185 for my .22/.22 mag convertible and $175 for his .22, we almost stole these. Both are in good blued condition and dead on accurate. Both have the 6.5 inch barrels. We have an old acetelyne torch tank that we shoot with our rifles out at 85 yards from our house (goes TING when you hit it). We hit it all the time with these pistols at 85 YARDS!!!

    The ONLY thing I don't like is the decible level of the .22 mag. I can't blame that on the gun, so I give it a 5 star (er, uh, bullet) rating.
  10. shotgunsandrifles

    shotgunsandrifles New Member

    I bought one in .22/22.mag stainless with a 6 1/2" barrel and can bust clay targets at 70yards freehand on a calm day. its a wonderful gun and i intend on buying another.
  11. AlaDan

    AlaDan Member

    I scored a stainless 6.5" barrel model Ruger Super Single

    Six Convertible with the .22 WMR cylinder for only $200.

    The weapon is pristine ['bout 98%]; but without box and

    doc's. Do you folks think that Ruger would sell me a

    generic factory box, if I requested one~? Thanks in

    advance for your replies.
  12. reno142

    reno142 New Member

    I have the single six .32 H&R Magnum version. I saw it in a pawn shop and just couldnt leave without it. It fires great, feels good weight wise and was accurate.
  13. tigwelder56

    tigwelder56 Well-Known Member

    Aladan, if you can't talk Ruger into selling just the box, I would seriously consider searching EBay and the various auction sites available. With today's economy, I'm betting that somebody would be eager to sell an empty box for reasonable price! Good luck.

  14. kcmitch

    kcmitch Active Member

    Well, just take all the great comments below and multiply by a dozen or so and you'll have my score on this gun. I just can't say enough about it. I have the .22LR-.22Mag and it is just about the finest, funnest shooting-est gun I own. I have the adjustable sights and they are great. Well, if you have one you know what I mean, and if you don't you should just get one and enjoy.
  15. sittingmoose10.31_51shaman

    sittingmoose10.31_51shaman Well-Known Member

    Man,that stainless Sixer in the photo looks fine.

    It's pourin' rain here, so i'll just pull my Sixer out and rub 'er down with some oil and do some dry-fire exercises...

    Y'ih know sumptin'... Lookin' at my statement above and thinkin' about it... I can see why humans-male & female love

    gunz...heh-heh...They trigger a certian part of our brains' electronics somewhere in the sexual-survival-tribal area and the results are acquiring only the best of, or making the best

    of, and becoming the best at, the use of...arms...a mate,hah!

    And family... Hot damn, I love that li'l Sixer.

    She's like my wife: sexy, a li'l hot-shot and dangerous if not

    handled right...
  16. 375HH

    375HH New Member

    The .22 model has 2 cylinders: .22 long rifle and .22 Winchester magnum rimfire. The .17 HMR is a totally separate model from the .22 model. May I make some suggestions: 1. Get the stainless steel model 2. Get the 6 1/2" barrel 3. Get the .22 model 4. Buy lots of shells at Wallmart 5. Don't ever throw the box away 6. Buy a nice leather holster right away - helps to prevent scratches 7. Don't ever sell it
  17. Trekerjohn

    Trekerjohn Member

    I have had a .22 Single Six for a few years now and I love it. I had a red dot scope on it for a while, but even with the adjustable sights, it is the most accurate handgun i have ever had. I use CCI Blazer .22LR almost exclusively which I bought a bunch of at $.99/box several years ago. That ammo sometimes fails to fire in my Taurus Model 94, but it never fails to fire in the Single Six. I'm not crazy about the chore of loading and emptying a single action revolver, and I have thought about selling it a few times, but I don't think I ever will sell it. For what I paid, it is more than worth what I got. It's a great gun.
  18. geoatv

    geoatv New Member

    This was the first handgun I bought when I turned 21. AND YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WITH IT!

    If you are looking at the Heritage Rough rider, I think you will be happier with the quality/fit-finish of the Ruger. The rough rider has an annoying safety that is unnessacary on the Ruger due to it's transfer bar system.

    The bluing is nice and the action is smooth.

    I bought my dad one!
  19. draarc

    draarc Member

    Just bought a Ruger 22 cal single six from a gunshop I was told that it was made in 1967 ser 468.... It came with the box and paper work but no 22WMR cyld. Does anyone know where I could get one and would it need fitting to this gun?