Ruger GP-100 Reviews

Discussion in 'Revolvers' started by sliperywhenwet, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Will_Carry

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    Henry! Nice. I'm buying new tires for my wife's car with my money. I'll start saving pennies again. ;)
  2. Dharmabumz

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    Has anyone a suggestion re leading on the cylinder? I shoot 800 lb reloads in .38 special as a cheaper, less recoil round that my wife also likes. It does seem to deposit a slight graying on the cylinder from what I was told is "leading". I heard there was a cloth that you could get that would remove it. The bore cleaners apparently aren't up to it. Has anyone heard of "leading" and if so, a good way to remove it?

    As I mentioned earlier, I got the red sight from Ruger for my new front sight. Has anyone changed out a front sight?

    I know you push the pin in (that's above the muzzle), but was unsure at that point if you tapped the sight gently to move it out? If so, do you tap to move it left or right? Or"none of the above"

  3. Dharmabumz

    Dharmabumz Well-Known Member

    Got a reply..cleaned my GP SS with the cloth and it is shiny again. BTW, this gun shoots so sweet I bought a second one, the older ones like the one pictured for this forum. I like these original style grips so will probably leave them.

    Question: I'm still leaning toward cowboy action so handled a vaquero yesterday. Does anyone know of a source for used vaquero's? I use Armslist usually, but any suggestions appreciated.
  4. tjseveryday

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    My favorite gun by far. Not a carry firearm by any means. But, extremely accurate, reliable and balanced.
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    I want of these really bad. I work in an outdoor store and I do alot of the cleaning of the guns and such, and I've always seemed to gravitate towards it. For the money I don't think that you can beat a Ruger. I like the way the trigger feels out of the box, it might could use some work but I was very surprised the first time I held one as to how good the trigger feels. Can't wait to get one!!
  7. robert98597

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    I have owned a GP-100 since 1990. I have the 3 inch barrel in blue. I can shoot a sub 2" group at 15 yards with 158 grain lead. This is of course done slow fire double action. It is a great revolver. You won't be disappointed with it. The recoil with .357 magnums is nothing because it is a heavy gun
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    This is a well made revolver. I have the 4" stainless. There is plenty of information on the internet and Youtube on how to smooth these revolvers out even more and make them even better. It is built to last and is a great value for the money.

    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    Hey, BIG WELCOME Mario!!! :!:

    I never had a GP100, but I have heard they are incredibly Excellent handguns, super reliable.
    From what I've learned about them over the decades, they are as good as the ammo that is put into them.