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  1. jebgohome

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    I'm a 1st time gun buyer.

    I have squirrels that eat everything around my house... from the mailbox flag to fencing. I would like suggestions on what kind of gun to get (pistol vs revolver) for a .22 that takes snake shot (I'm assuming the snake shot will kill them).

    I'm open to any & all suggestions.

  2. ulgydog56

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    .22 pistols and revolvers great fun,if your going to hunt and dispach vermin i would stay with a revolver with a 6" barral or more.the ruger .22-.22 mag single action great gun or heritage,taurus and of course s&w and make sure you have adj sights...o yea the .17 mag is a great rd for that stuff, the flattest shooting rim fire.........

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