Remington Model 870 Express Reviews

Discussion in 'Shotguns' started by dirk911, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. JustBen

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    On the Remington 870, some barrels come with a cantilevered scope mount and others do not. You will have to add a sadle to the ones that do not. Not sure if that makes a real difference, but you might want to review those options before you buy.

    I bought the 20ga version with the cheaper engineered wood versus real wood. Great gun for all sorts of hunting and sport.

    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    Simmonds0307, I carried & traind LEOs on the REM 870 for 20+ years and they are super reliable. Many had 40k rounds through them.

    Oddly, I now have a couple Moss 500s and they are about the same. One is a 7+1 Cyl Bore, Duty Type.

    The other came with the MOSS 'turkey barrel' [20 inch vent-rib barrel with double sights and an 'extra-full' Accu-Choke] in addition to the other 3.

    It also came with a 24 inch slug barrel with rifle sights.

    All of it came with a Camo finish and takes 3 in shells for turkey.

    It didn't cost much. Mine is all synthetic and has been through thousands of rounds without a hiccup.

  3. rmeed26

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    i have one newer 870 express it shoots right every time the finish had to be redone dont use off insect repelent with one of these its much cheaper than the older ones i would only buy another realy cheap if you want a good one buy a wingmaster used for the same money as a new express they will last forever
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    the wingmaster is a real good looking shotgun is,nt it.................
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    i have had nuthing but problems with my 870 my dad has a wingmaster and i got the express and it sucks it jams every other time i shoot it i was shooting skeet today and it was hard to eject and it jams and i cleen it every time i shoot it never been miss handled not mud just the phesant field and it sucks i hit well with it when i hit with the first shot because i dont get a 2nd one because it jams and it is hard to eject it is the worst thin i have ever spent my money on i want my 320 dollers back pice of shit never going to buy one spend the 200 dollers more and get the one that will shoot what a gun is bult to so any one want a free shot gun ????? because i need more space in my gun safe and this is a big paper weight :(
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    0 call remington and ship that gun back cause sum thing ant right with over 10,000,000 of them sold it is not the design of the gun,something on the feeder or extractor,ejector ant right boss.....................
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  8. zerwas.pat

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    ghfjk get an older one from a ppawn shop or something i dont like the new one it seems to be made cheaper. ill send it to rem. anyway i got an older one wood grain i wouldnt do this but you can take this gun through it in a lake leave it there all day come later and shoot the piss out of it. you know i may do this and post it on youtube this summer. i am looking for a 18inch to 20 inch chocked barrel for it i already go a rifled one i want a small one for birds
  9. ulgydog56

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    the express is the cheap model,hey do your self a favor and get a older model like a wingmaster you will love it.....and not regret it...............
  10. AlwaysBreaksStuff

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    Have one of these that's been in the family for quite awhile and it's dropped dozens of ducks and geese. Also took it to the range last year and put at least 100 rounds through it at clays; me and some of my co-workers were able to dominate with this gun versus some of the over/unders.
  11. Patriot1

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    They don't have an option for the 870 Tactical so I'll post here if you guys don't mind. I've had my 870 Tactical for over a year now, put hundreds of rounds through it with no problems. Well made, easy to clean, good price, made in America... you can't go wrong with a Rem 870.
  12. LHall1025

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    I'm a retired LEO with 33 yrs of experience. I was trained on the 870 Wingmaster, folding stock. Loved the weapon. I recently purchased a used wingmaster and had the Mako folding, collapsible adjustable stock installed. I chose the wingmaster because of the way Remington assembly control and its all metal parts. Its an easy, simple shotgun to use. No fuss no muss.
  13. rj45

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    i just purchased the 870 express with gray laminate stock. i had a hard time ejecting rounds at first, now she runs perfect it just needed to be broken in. i could not find online a 870 with gray laminate stock this gun must be rae? dose anyone know about this gun?
  14. ulgydog56

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    since its intro over 10,000,000 870s have been made so i would say not......but that tells you something about how much the 870 is loved....
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    RJ, have you contacted Remington customer services about that gray stock? Along with the serial number they'll be able to provide that information quickly. Good luck!
  16. Hasiansd

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    I recently purchased the 870 express with wood stock. It is very reliable and does not jam on many loads. I recomend this firearm to any type of hunter. Great buy!!!
  17. GOANRA

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    Differences between the Remington 870 express model home defense shotgun and the Remington 870 police shotgun:

    The 870 Express Model has:
    A plastic trigger plate assembly
    Dimples in the magazine tube and the new style plastic magazine retention system, EXCEPT on the extended magazine versions, which do NOT have the dimples
    A rougher finish inside and outside, with some additional machine marks
    A rougher, bead blasted parkerization
    A less polished bore
    Hardwood or synthetic stock, with a sporting-length fore end and pressed-in checkering
    The Defense version has 18″, Cylinder bore barrel, with a bead sight
    The Marine Magnum and Tactical models have plated or polymer finishes
    Metal Injection Molded (MIM) extractor

    The 870 Police has:
    An aluminum trigger plate assembly
    The old style magazine retention system
    A much smoother finish inside and out, no machine marks or burrs
    The Police gun receives a higher level 23 point inspection and finishing built in a special area of the plant for police models only
    A military-grade parkerized finish
    A polished bore
    A one piece barrel
    Walnut or synthetic stock, with a short police-length fore end
    The Remington “R3” super recoil pad that reduces felt recoil by 54%
    Choices in different stocks, including Speed-feed, and others
    18″ improved cylinder barrel, with a wider choice of sights, including rifle, ghost ring, and luminous
    Police options like magazine extenders, forearms with built-in lights, and sling swivels
    Heavier-duty magazine spring.
    Heavier-duty trigger-sear spring (older model police only)
    New police models have same sear spring as all remington shotguns
    Heavier-duty carrier dog spring
    Sling swivel mounts
    No use of MIM parts, the extractor is milled steel

    The 'Express' model can be upgraded with a heavier sear spring and a heavier carrier dog spring, a machined extractor and a stronger magazine follower spring.
    However the 'Police' model will still have a higher quality milled receiver and an aluminum trigger plate with a few other minor advantages as mentioned above.

    As an LE Firearm Instructor, I have trained countless Recruits, re-quals, and Tactical Shotgun courses on the 870 Police model for many years, but no experience with the 'Express' model.
    Oddly, my personal SGs have always been various Mossberg models.

    LE seems to prefer the 870, while the Military seems to prefer the Mossberg. Go figure.