Reloading a New Laptop

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    Just got a new laptop PC (with Win 7) since all the new ones are loaded with 'Win 8', which I heard is a real loser... so bad its even dropping MS stock prices, idiots.
    Anyway, I found a new Acer with Win 7 + 8GB RAM, but have to transfer all my info into it...BIG job.

    Just went to the 'Ammunition' Topic and copied all my ammo suppliers from my own 'Online Ammo Retailers:' post.
    Fortunately, I don't need any ammo, but it is good to see there is a LOT of ammo out there, finally!
    Not enough to lower prices to normal (PMC 5.56x45, 55 gr, FMJ) target stuff is still $0.85/ round, by the case. $0.78 for target grade .45acp, but plenty around.
    I didn't count the steel case stuff, read too much research against it... ruining bbls at 7k rounds is too expensive for me.

    Someone needs to kick-out some serious batches of .22lr, so we can all stay in practice, though.
    I'll be going out to shoot some 5.56. .45acp, 38 spec, etc soon; but I'll buy new ammo for the day, because I ain't touching my stored ammo, that is being saved in case of a 'special occasion'.
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    Hi GO congrats on the new pc. If i am planning a shooting trip I like to buy the ammo for the trip and cycle the old stuff out and shoot that. I'm not worried about my ammo getting old it's just something I like to do.


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    I'm too old to worry about rotating my ammo, but if I go shooting I have to get a case of something since I just can't afford to pay the 'per-box'price', thesedays.
    However, if I order a case of 5.56, that means I can shoot 1k rounds of anything I want... I just keep my total counts the same.
    After 1k rounds, I'll just get a case of whatever I need to keep up the same ratio, more or less.

    Fortunately, it doesn't take that much ammo to stay in practice.