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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by razr, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. razr

    razr Well-Known Member

    Any one knows of a good range bag under 100 bucks that is well made and can hold a ton of stuff.
  2. alpha1911

    alpha1911 New Member

    I bought a new Aimpoint sight and got a free range bag when I puchased it at www.tacticalsight.com. I saw the free range bag offer on The Maryland AR15 Shooters Site. Its black hard bottom, works very well.

  3. xd40works

    xd40works Member

    Dillon Precision has a nice range bag made of 1000 den. cordura very tough bag holds alot for under a C note.

    The border shift ammo bag is also cool if you reload

    or I use it for 22 plinking holds 22 ammo on one side

    and 25 rnd mags and loader on the other side in a nice little bag.

    Heres the link to both.

    http://dillonprecision.com/template/p.c ... n=0&dyn=1&

    Well built stuff for a fair price and the stand behind there stuff.


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  4. fuzzy1911

    fuzzy1911 Well-Known Member

    shooters ridge makes some good stuff
  5. 1911nut

    1911nut Active Member

    The dillon range bag is a good bag, very tough. If I cram any more stuff in it, I'm gonna need a caddy.
  6. gunmonkey1

    gunmonkey1 Well-Known Member

    TAG makes some nice stuff i am not sure how much because our unit buys most of our gear for us but i think it is a good bit cheaper than the blackhawk stuff ... also check the specialty defense site they make a sniper bag that our DMs use that would make a kick ass range bag