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    Impact guns are not honoring a price on this site of 103.99 for a HiPoint 9 in the classified section. the following is a transcript that says they do not want you to advertise their stuff. Thanks for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly...

    [Emmil Simeroth] Went to purchase item Impact Item #: 752334091604

    [Emmil Simeroth] When I click buy now, it goes from 103.99 to 129.99 Why is this?

    [Chris] It sounds like you might be looking at an old page. When you see the 103 price, what is the date in the upper right corner?

    [Emmil Simeroth] No date. If it is in the classifieds and you are offering it at that price, that should make no difference.

    [Chris] We don't list in classifieds. Can you send me a link to the page you are viewing?

    [Emmil Simeroth] In California, I have to pay to take a test, buy a gun card, pay transfer fees, on and on, so 26.00 makes a difference. ... aid=105979 I have copies of this page and it's links.

    [Emmil Simeroth] The 26.00 would cover shipping.

    [Chris] We are not affiliated with They are advertising an old price.

    [Emmil Simeroth] It appears you advertise on GunDirectory quite a bit.......

    [Emmil Simeroth] Your name is on the page.

    [Chris] They list items from us, but they do it on their own. We do not place ads with them.

    [Emmil Simeroth] When I click on buy now, it goes to your page with a 129. price.

    [Emmil Simeroth] That would be illegal unless your store (Company) allow them to do that.

    [Chris] We do not tell them to advertise products with old prices. It is up to them to verify the products they advertise.

    [Emmil Simeroth] So it is okay that they advertise your products with any price they want?

    [Chris] We can't force them to change anything.

    [Emmil Simeroth] If it were my company, I'd be pretty upset. Not only upset, I could force them to not advertise and use my company name. It's called civil court.

    [Emmil Simeroth] So, if I want the gun and if I like it, I might want to buy another one. Any chance I could get a better deal? Extra clip, gun case???

    [Chris] The $129 price is the best we can do. Any extras items must be purchased separately.

    [Emmil Simeroth] I though so! Anyway, the 129 is fair. Just wish I didn't have to pay for the test, gun card, transfer fees, etc........ Also, I'd disassociate myself from the Gundirectory site. It is very misleading and on the verge of being criminal as it really is "Bait and Switch". Thank you

    [Chris] Let us know if you have any other questions. Have a nice day.

    [Emmil Simeroth] Thanks, I'll send GunDirectory our messaging so they can clean up their site. I'm sure they will appreciate it so everyone can have a better shopping experience. I'm very glad your site has a chat area. It works well. Cheers!