P95 d/a pull

Discussion in 'Gun Chatter' started by imarugerman, Jul 4, 2011.

  1. imarugerman

    imarugerman New Member

    I just bought a flawless used P95. When I fired it for the 1st

    time, I was bowled over by the extremely long d/a trigger

    pull. Is this normal ? The back of the trigger almost touched

    the rear of the trigger guard. Really disappointed in that.

    Comments please....
  2. Will_Carry

    Will_Carry Well-Known Member

    It is apparently normal, I am learning. I thought the Smith and Wesson Sigma was the only pistol to have the mile long trigger pull but there are a lot of them out now. They say you can get used to it and I'm sure you can. Besides that how do you like your P95?

  3. ulgydog56

    ulgydog56 Well-Known Member

    yes,alot of d/a only pistols have a long pull for safty reasons,like my ruger lcp,after the first shot let the trigger out slowly and feel the reset on the trigger it won,t be half as far on the next shot. you have to practice it...............
  4. razr

    razr Well-Known Member

    You know, my guess is that you dont shoot enough. Shoot a few hundred and you'll get used to the pull. A friend owns one and he thought the recoil was too much. I got very tight groups out of a couple of mags and he was surprised. They seem to be good guns, hard to clean though.