Old pistol or replica help?

Discussion in 'Collectors' started by jay85, Aug 14, 2011.

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    I recently inherited an old pistol. I'm unsure if it is some sort of replica or the real thing. Links to the pictures are included in the end of the post.

    The barrel is mounted on top of the stock/grip and seems to be made from brass. The calibre is approximately 8 mm and the pistol is made to fire round lead bullets. The trigger can be folded into the body of the pistol, and the pistol has two foldable knife blades mounted on either side of the trigger. The stock has two tools for molding bullets and a hollow compartment in to store bullets. The handle/stock seems to be made from horn or some other bony material and is fastened with iron/steel rivets or pins. The firing mechanism still works.

    The pistol itself has few markings; only two stamped markings on the barrel. Underneath are links to pictures of the pistol and the markings. I hope that someone here could help me identifying what this strange weapon is. If not, maybe someone knows where to look for further information.

    The link directs to a flicker account with six pictures of the pistol.

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    I've been looking high and low for anything on your pistol but am striking out. I do have the name of a identification and appraisal company that may be able to help you, it's not free but is only $10.00 US. Check it out http://arms2armor.com/store/identification.html Your pistol looks like a cross between a large pocket knife and a single shot muzzle loader. If it was homemade, I'd have to say that the maker of the piece is pretty talented! Very unusual to say the least! Thanks for showing it to us!