NJ man gets 7 years for legal handguns.

Discussion in 'Local Activity' started by Will_Carry, Nov 30, 2010.

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    It's a long link but the guy got seven years for having legally purchased guns, unloaded and locked in the trunk of his car while he was moving from Colorado to New Jersey. He also had hollow points and high capacity magazines. The judge who sentenced him had recently let a guy go who was caught sexually abusing a calf. So....let me get this straight. In New Jersey you can rape a cow, but you can't.........never mind, it's just crazy.
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    Sadly, this shouldn't surprise us.

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    Somebody ought to contact that new governor in NJ, Christie and show this crap to him. He's supposed to be the answer to everything fair and all that's right. If this guys lawyer doesn't pursue this with an immediate appeal, to the SCOTUS if necessary, which I doubt. The only government worse than those idiots in Washington are the idiots in New Jersey.