New place for match info in NC

Discussion in 'Competition' started by NCShootingSports, May 17, 2011.

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    I just wanted to let everyone know that there is a new web site out there that has a focus on shooting sports in and around NC. has a list of all the local as well as national USPSA, IDPA and GSSF matches with pictures and videos of local and state matches.

    There is also a new game on the scene called ZSA or Zombie Shooters Association, that has started here in NC and it takes the best of all worlds and rolls them in to one, USPSA style stages with simple scoring, and you can find links and info about all the sports on the site.

    So come check us out and let me know what you think as we are growing everyday and adding new content, picture and videos as well as updating the match schedules.

    Stay safe and I will see you down range....