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Discussion in 'Gun Chatter' started by oonie, Jun 6, 2007.

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    There are continual snakes in my yard and sometimes in my house. Sometimes I cant find anyone to come kill them.

    I am interested in the new Hunter 22 Ruger to shoot snakes.

    However I am 81, female, with very little strength and I can not cock it if it is tight- would you please tell me if this gun is easy to cock, if it dont kick, and if it will kill large snakes.

    Also I just heard about cartages for guns with bbs, which will cover a wide area to make sure I hit the snake- but will a 22 cartage of bbs kill large snakes???????

    I live in the woods alone with my the animals I find in south Louisisana; the snakes here are usually about 5 feet, some fat, some skinny, rattle snakes, and all kinds of snakes- I am terrifiyed of snakes- therefore will wecome any advice you might want to give- thanking you kindly in advance.

    Even the snake-pros in Louisiana do not know how to deal with snakes to keep snakes away and the cops are as scared of snakes as me!

    [Moth balls have zero effects on snakes].

    I need info on those bb cartages- hope you can help me on this ammo also- thank you
  2. Sheepdog

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    oonie, I hate snakes too, had to deal with a really big one in panama once, uuuuggggghhhh, can't stand em! I have some of the ammo you are inquiring about, they are .22 LR cal shot shells made by a company called CCI. What you will find, at least in my experience of shooting them into a piece of paper, the same way we pattern a shot gun, is that the grooves which are inside the barrel cause the BB's to spin as they come out. What that makes on the target is a circle, like the letter O, with few or no BB's in the center of it. This obviously poses a problem for you in trying to shoot snakes. There may be some other options for you, and if you don't mind answering a few questions for me, I'll be glad to do whatever I can to help you. I'm not familiar with the Ruger Hunter, (going there next) so please tell me, is it a pistol or a rifle? Based upon your statement of "very little strength" I'm assuming at this point it's a handgun. Put your mind at ease, regarding the .22, there is very little if any kick at all, small children shoot them, so don't be concerned. Will they kill large snakes? Absolutely!! WITH proper shot placement, you must be able to hit it, and generally speaking, you want to do that in the head. Please take no offense at this question, but do you feel like you will be able to do that, is your eyesight sufficient and hands steady enough? At what distance are you usually encountering these snakes, how far will you be shooting at them? Are the out in the open and clearly exposed, or are they partially hidden behind and under things which would deflect or stop a BB, or low powered bullet? Are you coming across these snakes randomly where you need to have the gun handy all the time, or are they in predictable places at predictable times? As I understand it some of these make thier way into hour home as well, correct? So again I'm assuming, but you probably don't want to be blasting unecessary holes in your home, nor for your own safety do you wish to have things bouncing all around you in terms of BB.s If you feel that you would be able to accurately shoot a firearm and that the situation is safe to do so, then the ammunition I would consider would probably be in the .22 short or even what is called a CB or CB Cap and they are made by CCI, I know for sure, perhaps others as well, and if I remember correctly they come in both a "short", and a "long" , the long giving you a little more power, but still less than a regular bullet. Hopefully this gives you a place t start, and I'm sure you will recieve lots of other help from the other members here as well who may well be better versed in your situation than I am. Please be careful and safe! By the way , what about other non-gun related solutions like natural predators or something? I have NO knowledge in that area, or if it would even be practical for you but it seems like I heard somewhere that pigs kill snakes very efficiently as well as owls ect...... Just a thought!

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    oonie, im with sheepdog on this one as well. I wouldnt advise shooting holes in your house, although I wouldnt judge you if you did because in my opinion the only good snake is a dead snake! A option you may want to consider is to find a good snake repellant, I found a site for you called This site has some snake repellent that claims to work pretty well. Somthing else to consider is any young neighbors you may have near by would probly love to make a hoppy of poping some snakes with BB guns as I did as a kid, one shot to the head is all it takes in most cases unless your hunting anacondas. As for the snakes in your residence, I would contact your local animal control agency and explain your situation and ask for other possible solutions. In most areas animal control and other agency's will be more than happy to assist you. Hope this helps and I apologize for my lack of knowledge with the ruger you originally inquired about. There are many knowledgable people on this forum so hopefully someone can assist you further. Thanks, Dirk
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    Yeah I would be carefull of shooting a gun in your yard..HOw close is the nearest house from you? They have many snake traps you can buy..A good one is the Cahaba trap..You can find it at If that dosn't work the cahaba snake trap..It really works! Good luck! IF that don't work buy a pellet gun!!