Need a Good Straight Point Knife?

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    They're all bs and moot...

    Article Six sec Two negates them all.

    Since these are indeed,"infringements"-

    I'll carry a Claymore -if I could...

    It would be way too heavy

    Now a nice Bowie...

    What! Do we citizens of America

    serve a king as though

    we're subjects!?!


    Where did anyone ever get the idea

    that the "Second" applies

    to only firearms?!

    It's one of a plethora of Marxist tricks

    which filtered into the U.S.

    with foriegn anarchists' and such...

    Started during the Industrial Revolution.

    after the War Between the States-

    near the end of Re-construction

    during the Westward movement era.

    Marxist influence first took hold

    in the eastern big-cities...

    An antithisis to the Robber Barons.

    To remove first the blunt and bladed

    weapons of the citizenry...

    such a kingly activity.

    Then the firearms-

    The rest is the history

    that leads up to now!

    True there must be civil law.

    However, such cannot contest

    or override the Constitution...

    The Power-mongers and politicians-

    through the years, have engaged

    trickery, lies, obfuscation, threats,

    murder(the OK Corral really wasn't 'ok')

    and fear in order to attack

    the U.S. Constitution-

    Until now...

    The power-mongering must end.

    What if a million bladed and fire-armed

    citizens showed-up in DeeCee

    some fine day?...Might it be necessary?

    Their lies have been revealed by using

    Al Gores' 'invention!'-

    The Internet... Every action, statement,

    words, promises, B.S., lovers and not,

    association, education, social and political

    leaning of any and all politicians plus

    their political party and all its' foibiles too...

    are stripped naked- as well their

    illegal and unconstitutional laws!

    I am a FREEMEN!

    I carry gun and blade...

    and I'll die so!
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    sittingmoose10.31_51shaman Well-Known Member

    ... and I'm making so!

    With the black smithy which

    had been stashed in my barn

    long ago... We own my wifes'

    parents' land now and they

    had a small antique business...

    Thus; The Smithy.

    I've been practising on RR spikes...

    gotta watch the heat!

    completely melted the center 3 inches

    of a spike into a puddle of steel and

    slag... not to worry though. that blob

    of steel is now clean! And I'm hammerin'

    it into a billet(it is now one piece

    of hard-assed steel) for a pattern-welded

    knife I'm plannin' to make.

    Even though I may not be able to

    walk much... I can still do this

    sittin' in a chair...

    Every thing I have here to smith with

    is old! anvil, anvil stand, hammers,

    tongs... even my billet/blade cleaning

    and sharpening is done on a

    treadle stone-wheel (I hand-crank it

    until I can get a motor hitched up to it)

    Kinfes, done the Old-Way

    I have another project to do parallell

    to this; Re-animating a late 1800's

    hand-cranked drillpress/milling machine.

    It's rusted... However the pitting

    is quite minimal- just have to free-it-up,

    soak the hell outta it w/oil & solvent.

    I tell you one thing... Smithing is

    one great upper-body work-out!

    This is a new callin' for a disabled guy

    who once believed himself