Mossberg Tactical .22 (AR Design)

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    I just saw one of these at my Local Gun Shop and handled it some. It had an 18 in bbl and a fixed A2 carry handle. It only weighed 5 lbs. The quad rail (picatinny) hand guard made it look quite easy to add on lights, lasers, bipods, etc.
    The carry handle also had a Picatinny rail for a scope mount.
    IIRC, Weaver fits Picatinny, but Picatinny doesnt fit Weaver, anyway they are diff sizes.
    They also make a "flat top" model.

    It was selling for $329. at the LGS. The idea is to allow the shooter to stay in practice with his AR-15, while saving on the cost of ammo. It felt like cheap plastic to me, not a good polymer.
    Aslo, the BCG & such are a molded look-alike with no function. The rifle can not be disassembled, those types cost over $600.
    5.56x45 FMJ rounds are running $0.70 $1.00+ per round at present.

    .22lr seems to be quite scarce as well.