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Discussion in 'Collectors' started by Missionx5, Apr 21, 2011.

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    Does anyone know of a good group or forum for Mosin Nagant collectors, People who know the difference between the rifles, working on them restoring them, modifying them, best of the best, ect. This is a great Sight but it does not contain much community of Mosin collectors. Thanks
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    I know there are some M/N Forums and web sights out there. I found a couple of them looking for info on the 7.56x54 bolt action I just bought. I just happen to find them doing a "Yahoo" search. I just cant remember the names of the web sights now.

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    yea the 91s are nicer and if you by a surplus in the 44 model get a laminated stock.there a cheap gun made for the peasant masses to repell the imperialist dogs,it would take 5 of them to replace a 303 infield,8mm mauser,30-06 springfield.but to have fun with its all good.......
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    some places to start on the MN

    Wikipedia Mosin Nagant

    If you enjoy taking them apart and making them work and look good, a C note dropped on a MN is a dandy investment.

    They are also a hoot to shoot.

    And when you put one on the wall, most people who see it will say something like "And what in the hell is THAT?" Tell them the story about your great-great grandfather in the Winter Campaign in the Czar's Russian army, etc. :-{

    FunGun. W

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    I've been looking at these for $99. and the ammo is around.

    Fixin' these up would make a great hobby + have a mean rifle when your done.