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Discussion in 'Gun Chatter' started by scdukman, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. scdukman

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    Am thinking about buying a Taurus mill pro 45.Anyone have this gun and any opinions?thnx don
  2. BrianB

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    I don't have a .45 but I do have the Mil Pro 9mm and it is a pretty good gun. The Taurus company itself I don't feel comfortable about because it seems they have a very high rate of return and customer service is poor. We have specific threads about many firearms and it would probably be good to read through any thread concerning a gun you are interested in such as this one.

  3. smith6906

    smith6906 Well-Known Member

    great gun, i had the 745C wich is the single stack version. accurate. steady, no FTF, jams or misfires. long trigger pull around 8.1LBS .

    only watch out ill throw is a serious one.

    taurus still has not fixed this issue. but if you buy a mill pro you need to know...

    if there is ANY pressure on the trigger whatsoever, even a shirt pushing on it, when you engage the safety. it will not engage. the firearm will still fire the chambered round and then engage the safety.

    this problem effected nearly 98% of the mil pros, and most of them are still floating around. so if you do get one the easy way to test for this issue ....

    is to clear the weapon, make sure the barrel is clear and there is no magazine attatched, visually and phsyically check., cock the weapon, push the trigger very lightly, engage the safety, then drop a pen down into the barrel, aim the weapon straight up and pull the trigger, if the pen goes flying. send it back to taurus for repair, if not.........enjoy your pistol, great guns minus that issue :)