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    I felt it my duty to share my last trip to this fine establishment. My wife asked me to run over there last night because we had failed to fix anything here at home. I purchased a couple of double cheeseburgers off of the dollar menu, she something off the normal menu. There was something odd about my burgers, they just tasted really bland, no flavor, no nothing. They never have much in the way of a palatable thrill anyway but I was hungry. I could only put one down and threw the other one away (good thing too). I laid down about 2300 and woke up about 0230 believing I was having a heart attack! The ol' widow maker! It continued for a hour and I was getting ready to call the medics when the nausea started. The chest pain lessened as the nausea turned to absolute projectile vomiting! That lasted until 0830 and the abdominal pain is still kicking my ass. I finally got a few hours sleep and just now finished a cup of hot tea. (It's now about 2130). I will never willingly or otherwise go there again. Too many kids with no cooking experience and last night they just about killed me.