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    Ok, cool,

    I feel honored to be the first to give the model 60 its' due props. This was my first gun at the tender age of 16, and I can honestly say that this gun is still just as fun, reliable and accurate as it was the first day I took it out of the box. It likes CCI Stingers the best, but it will fire any .22 LR I put in it. I have never felt the need to scope it, because it is accurate just like it is. Besides, I just love the feel of open sights on a .22.

    Keep it clean and dry and it will never let you down.
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    I own one my Dad gave me, and I first fired it around the age of 12 or 14 or so. Hits dead on with open sights (never put a scope on it) and the only problem Dad ever had with it was the plastic stop inside breaking one time from normal wear and tear type use. Love it, and having a hard time debating if I should sell it to a friend offering to buy it from me. I would rate it at a full 5 and definitely recommend it to anyone!

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    I actually own bolt action 925 but seeing as how there is not a forum for the 925 I'm tossing out this question to you...

    Does anyone know if you can get a magazine bigger than 10 rds for my 925? If so, where might I find one?

    Thanks all, sorry for jumping off topic for a bit.
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    fun gun,cheaply built had mine for shoots pretty strait but hey paid new 53.00 put a scope on it you will like it better
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    I got mine from my father when i was 13 or 14. He got it when he was 12 or 13, in the 60's. I just put a $25 BSA rimfire rifle scope on it. I got it zeroed in and its dead nuts accurate up to about 100 yards. I love this rifle. I own a Sig 522, an AR15, AK47, and a .308 bolt bu the marlin is still one of the more fun rifles to shoot. At $160~$180 it is a great buy that will last for years.
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    I have a Model 795 and i can only find 10 round mags too. If anyone knows of higher capacity mags, i would love to get my hands on a few of them!
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    Have any of you shot this gun out too 100 yards? If so how were the accuarcy results?

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    I got a Marlin-Glenfield model 60 combo in the early 70s.

    It takes .22shorts, longs & lrs... even mixed up. Never had a FTF or FTE... even though I put some real junk through it.

    Good to 100 yards+ if shooter is up to it with the 4x 20mm scope. A 3x7 30mm scope is optimal for target shooting.

    Myself, I like it best with no scope since few shots are beyond 100 FEET for squirrels & such.
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    I have an older model 60 w/ 22" barrel bought used for $60. I put an inexpensive Simmons 3x9 scope on it and it's a pretty accurate gun out to 100yds or so - which is my personal limit for serious .22 shots. It does have an occasional FTF. I've tried different ammo., thorough cleanings, etc. but it just fails to feed once in a while. I figure it's a wear issue more than a design issue. It's a nice way to burn up a brick of ammo. I'd rate it 4 stars w/o the occasional jam.
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    my dad has a glenfield model 60 carbine with the 3/4 magazine. only one i have ever seen like it. im pretty sure that you could (not that i would) blindly point this thing and it would hit the target in the bulseye... it just wont miss. american gun making at its best. doesnt cost a lot and will outshoot most other guns. only thing is that it does jam more than my 10/22 but then again, the last time i saw this thing cleaned, i was crapping in my diapers... im 23.
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    Recently bought a like new unfired Marlin 60 at a gun show for a great deal. Cleaned it and took it to the range, and what a great shooter. My grandson loved it and will probably end up with it as he already claims half of what it have anyway. By the way, I suggest only using good brands of mini mag .22's in any semi auto rile or pitols as low cost lead bulk ammo will have jam problems and even failures to fire in single shot rifles and 6 shot revolvers.
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    Extremely accurate right out of the box, makes plinking so much more fun since .22lr ammo is relatively cheap. Cleaning this gun is not fun. It's a pain to completely disassemble and thoroughly clean the rifle.
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    Love this gun. Wouldn't trade it for the world as it was my first weapon. If I ever have a son when he becomes old enough this will be his first as well (after the Daisy BB gun of course!) I love to plink with this little rifle.

    Have thought long and hard about getting it scoped, but I believe I will keep it as is. To be honest, I'd love to get my hands on another new Marlin 60 to scope it. I just don't want to get rid of my original or change anything about it.

    Shoots everytime, in 30 years it's never been cleaned. I love this gun.
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    a 4 power 4plex scope is perfect for that little gun
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    Bought this rifle new 10 years ago. It's performed well over the years. Only complaint it needs constant of cleaning to stay sharp.
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    Just shot mine in a silhouette match this weekend. Placed 3rd out of 34 (27points) with my non-regular ammo. A few of those guys I consider to be flat out better shooters than me and everyone shoots fancier and more expensive rifles. It shoots best with CCI mini-mags plated round nose.

    I bought it about 5 years ago for $65 with a 4x scope and 2 stocks, one to cut down a little for my boys. On my best days it shoots a sub 2 inch group at 100.

    It will have an occasional FTE when dirty but a quick drop of CLP on the carrier/lifter and it runs like a top.

    It's mine 'till I die.
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    I would drive over a pile of Ruger 10/22s for a Marlin 60.
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    I have a glenfield model 60 that I bought used over a year ago. It is an older model that holds 18 rounds. The guns shoots very well I have yet to have issues with it. It has Springfield scope on it that that makes the rifle look great. I used ruger 10/22s all through childhood. this rifle shoots just as good. I highly recommend, paid 90 bucks with the scope at a pawn shop.