Looking for H&K USP Compact 9mm

Discussion in 'Gun Chatter' started by nshaw, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. nshaw

    nshaw New Member

    I have a 9mm H&K USP Compact (variant 2). My son, whos stationed in CA, is looking for the same but variant 1 (right handed).

    Mine is pre-build-in safety, e.g., 1999. He would like the same. Mine has a 10-rd magazine (2).

    Does anyone have any idea what these go for today and where I would find one?

  2. whompuss

    whompuss Member

    I bought one NIB for $655 on one of the popular internet auctions. I looked for a long time for a good used but they are scarce. I understand why because in the .45 it is the baddest 26 oz you can put in your hand. Ill never sell mine.