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    We had our annual Retiree's Shoot yesterday where I found there had been some notable changes to the LEOSA. The purpose of the annual shoot, sponsored by my former department, is to qualify and certify retired LEOs under the LEOSA. It is also a great time to catch up with old comrades who you haven't seen in awhile.

    Back in 2004, President Bush signed into law the Law Enforcement Officers' Safety Act (Public Law 108-277). This law allowed LEOs who retired in good standing with their departments (after a minimum number of years of service) to carry concealed nationwide, provided there were no state or local restriction/prohibitions. The law provided for many exceptions to the privilege for the retired LEOs to carry, including denying the privilege when the RLEO was in a gun free zone, such as a school, entertainment venue, etc. RLEOs also had to comply with state and local restrictions to carrying concealed. The purpose of the law was to use thousands of retired LEOs as an additional resource in homeland security.

    In Oct, 2010, a month after last year's shoot, Pres. Obama signed into law the LEOSA Improvements Act (Public Law 110-272). The law exempts qualified active and retired LEOs from local and state prohibitions on carrying concealed firearms. There are still federally protected areas where the law does not provide the officers the privilege to carry, such as aircraft, cruise ships and trains. Also not covered are Indian casinos and private property where the owners do not wish firearms on the premises.

    As an aside, I found last month that the River Cruises offered in Chicago are considered cruise ships by the Coast Guard and TSA and you cannot carry concealed on them, either. I would predict that any such cruises around New York or Seattle would also be classified similarly. I personally do not want to irk Big Sis-I don't think she would see the actual safety in having me or one of my comrades armed on board if something broke out-as I feel she would have me locked up to make a point.

    Back on point. In Michigan, this means that there is no longer a need for retired LEOs to obtain a CPL with gun-free zone exemption in addition to a LEOSA certification. The LEOSA certification is all that is needed now. It also means not having to drive around Illinois on your way to Iowa if you only had a CPL and want to carry on your vacation.

    This will save me around a hundred dollars every few years. Right now this is the only thing I can think of that I really want to thank President Obama and Congress for.
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    Once he realizes what he did, the law will be rescinded post haste!!

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    I am sure this is part of his re-election campaign. He does not do anything without some calculated reason.
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    Tig and Ben

    I doubt that he did it for re-election purposes. There was little to no fanfare about it and it was done in the middle of his term instead of during the "campaign" season. And I also doubt that it will be rescinded anytime soon as that would give call to calling him a "waffler".

    Either way, I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth. I personally think that it was a smart thing to do strictly from a public safety standpoint. Will it get my vote? Nope. He's gonna have to do way better than that to win me over.
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    ReRun, One thing I want to Thank You for is I noticed in your Post you mentioned Casino's. I had never realized Casino's were actually off limits legally, and have always Carried my Weapon whenever going into one. (Unless I flew to Vegas etc) I just thought they fell under the same guidelines as Resturants with Bar Service which we can carry in normally. *Once or twice in my life lol, I had actually won a nice amount of money, and I know there are some wise guys that watch for that.

    Glad I never got caught! lol
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    I can't say that's how it is in your neck of the woods, but in the Frozen North that is Michigan, tribal casinos are verboten when it comes to concealed carry. Always best to check with someone locally.