Knoxx Sidewinder Kit

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    I have a used Knoxx Sidewinder conversion kit for Mossberg shotguns. It is in great shape and i still have all of the original packaging, instructions, parts and reaming tool. I has 1 ten round drum magazine. I am looking to sell it, but have no idea of it's current value. I tried to list it on eBay for 250 and had 1 bid before they pulled it. They said I can't list anything that enables a gun to fire, which of course a magazine conversion kit has nothing to do with, but I'm not interested in arguing with eBay. I was just hoping to see what kinds of bids it would get. So if anyone has an idea of what it may be worth or wants to make an offer, please let me know. Thanks
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    Midway had them new with a 10 round magazine for $210.00. I think $250.00 for a used model is high. It's going to depend on how "used" it is. I think in used condition, I'd ask $150 to $175 bucks providing it's in like new condition.
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    If you still have this item, let me know, I'd like to talk to you.