Kimber Ultra CDP II .40

Discussion in 'New Gun Owners' started by tzfisher, May 25, 2011.

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    Interested in Kimber Ultra CDP II .40 cal. Shot one on the range with a friend. Kimber do not carry them on their website, only in .45 ACP. Was there anything wrong with this gun for them to discontinue it? Need your help

    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    They made them in .40S&W for awhile. Some Kimbers ib .38 Super, too.
    I am a big fan of the .40, and it was my favorite on-duty caliber in a Glock.
    It probably wasn't profitable enough for the company as they stick with the, 45 & 9.

    The Kimber makes a very nice 1911 clone. I had one in .45acp, but it never really felt 'just right' to me.
    Prob just personal preference, never had any failures with it.
    I sold it & got the Colt Defender .45 and it is now my favorite 1911.

    I chose to consolidate calibers, so I could save by getting ammo in bulk & had to choose between the 9mm & .45acp.
    The combinations of velocity vs mass are many, but I found I could get the most ft/lbs of energy, per round, with the .45acp +P... so I sold most of my 9mms.

    Others may argue capacity with 9s, but I figure the fewer shots the better for a SD shoot.