Kimber Gold Match Reviews

Discussion in 'Pistols' started by wwaldok, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. wwaldok

    wwaldok Member

    Ive had a Gold Match 2 s/s for several years. The way it shoots makes my Series 70 Gold Cup look like war surplus. Shot a wild boar between the eyes with it, but it will never be a carry gun for me (too big and heavy). I use an Ultra CDP for that.
  2. Zymes

    Zymes New Member

    I had a Colt Series 70 Gold Cup for years. Did a lot of extra work to it; polished ramp, ambidextrious safety, beaver tail safety, enhanced hammer, & a trigger job. It was a pretty sweet shooter. Traded it for a Gold Match a few years back. Right out of the box, the Gold Match out shot the Colt. Ive cycled thousands of rounds through this gun without the hint of a problem or a jam.

  3. Artie_runs

    Artie_runs Member

    Im not a crack shot and I dont shoot .45 often, but Ive rented this at my local range a few times and its awesome. The action is outstanding, the trigger is light, and even at 50 feet its pretty hard to miss. Its a really nice gun to shoot. At $1200, it wont be my next gun, but boy I wish it were. If you are pricing one used Id say 90% at $800 is probably worth grabbing
  4. 1911nut

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    I've owned a gold match for 7 or 8 years. About a year after I bought it, I sent it to the custom shop to get the mag well and 20 lpi checkering on the front strap. The gun goes to the range with me everytime. I am starting to see wear in the barrel, to be fair, Ive shot thousands and thousands of rounds through it. I have been very pleased with it and would never sell or trade it away.
  5. tterry53

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    I've had mine for about 6 yrs. and I love it. It is not a bullseye pistol, but it does good. I can get real close to a golfball every shot with FMJ or lead SWC or RN. My Taurus PT1911 does not like lead AT ALL!!! It wants the FMJ only. I did put a set of target grips with finger grooves on it and I like them.
  6. lajvmart

    lajvmart New Member

    This guns is not only a beauty but it shoots increadibly well. It groups very well for such a large caliber. The weight of the gun helps control the recoil. The trigger is very crisp. It comes with match sights and I would prefer the option of other sights if you are not a match shooter. The price is high but it is one of those things where you get what you pay for. It is solid, accurate, good looking, durable and fun to shoot. Plus it says something about the owner when you pull out a Kimber out in the range...
  7. joyaxx

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    this gun is one of the best a real sweetheart LOL
  8. .22rimfire

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    I bought my Gold Match new several years ago. It had functioning issues with any kind of ammo, from light target handloads to factory hardball from the start. I switched magazine brands and made sure the gun was well maintained, but it kept having the same problem with feeding. A buddy suggested going with a less powerful recoil spring -- problem solved! Since it's used with light target loads, the lower power spring isn't a concern, and the pistol is reliable.

    Now the gun shoots as well as I could hope for. It's very accurate and runs well. It still requires a little more frequent cleaning than something with greater tolerances, but that's to be expected. A bore snake thru the barrel after a hundred rounds will keep things in order at the firing range. Once home, it's cleaned / lubed properly and then ready for the next time. Nice gun -- shoots as good as it looks.