kel-tec pmr 30

Discussion in 'Buying/Selling' started by shootemupward26, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. shootemupward26

    shootemupward26 New Member

    I am wanting to purchase the new kel tec pmr 30. A 22 mag with a 30 round clip. it looks like an awesome gun. Has anyone owned or shot one? What did you think?
  2. Will_Carry

    Will_Carry Well-Known Member

    I have always been a fan of the 22 magnum. This new Kel-Tec really has my interest. This gun will deliver up to 130 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle at 1300 fps. That ain't too shabby. That's with CCI Maxi-Mag +V ammo. That is almost double the power of a CCI Stinger 22 LR. Plus you get a fireball the size of a basketball at night, at the muzzle.

    I had heard mixed reviews of this pistol so I'm holding off for a while until they get the bugs out, (I can't find any for sale).

    My energy calulations were obtained from North American Arms website. Using the 4" barreled Minimaster.