Kel-Tec P-3AT Reviews

Discussion in 'Pistols' started by eddbrowne, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. MindOfGod

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    Great little pistol. Very accurate considering the kick this little pony gives. Never had a misfire or failure to feed. I would highly recommend this little cannon. My wallet is bigger than this gun...
  2. Will_Carry

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    ely-medic. You can shoot a 3" group at 30 feet with a P-3AT?

    I will not believe that until I see the video. I ain't saying your lying, I just want to see it to give me something to aspire to.

    If you are resting it on a bench it doesn't count.

  3. teejay5324

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    Have had my P3AT over 2 years now. I have fired maybe 700-900 rounds through it - ZERO issues. Great to conceal of course, great price, extreme reliability, best warranty, and plenty accurate for what it is. Uh, "Will Cary" - you mean to tell me you can't fire a 3" group at 30 feet? That's feet man, not yards. I'll try to get a video for you next time I'm at the range.

    I recommend the grip extender for a more pleasant experience. The trigger pull is also too long and too stiff, the weight can be corrected but not the length of the pull (as far as I know????)

    I do know someone who had a cosmetic flaw with his P32, since we live right down the road from the Cocoa, Fla. plant, he took it in and walked out with a new one. Great customer service and they stand by the warranty. Highly recommended.

    BTW, I am ex military and currently PI and Class G Security and I own or have owned many other firearms. My service weapon is a Glock 17, I also qualified with my P3AT (and scored 221 = expert). scored 330 with the Glock, so there's your difference (for me). For those who don't know, 180 is passing score, 400 is best possible.
  4. teejay5324

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    Oops - 180 is passing, 240 is best. I scored 221 and 230, regarding my post below. Sorry about that.

    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    I got my first Kel-Tec P3AT in 2006 for easy hot weather carry. I was going to get the Ruger LCP, but it was just getting over recall issues at the time and that scared me off.
    After 6 years & countless rounds of decent ammo, it has never had an issue yet.

    Wife tried it at the range with +P rounds.... (she has tiny hands and wrists + little strength), but she LOVED IT... and took it away from me after 3 -4 inch groups at 30 feet on her first try.

    I offered to get her a new one, but she wanted mine. So I went and got another one for me.
    She didn't like the optional belt/pocket clip, so I put it on mine for front-right pocket of jeans, no holster needed, gun stays oriented, and is invisible, even with shirt tucked in.

    Both have been flawless for years, no malfunctions, yet. They use any decent JHP ammo.
    Tough to beat an 8 oz, 6+1 cap, 0.8 in width pistol with 3 in barrel for concealment.

    Old, retired, wife will never go 'anywhere' without hers; loaded with 7 rounds of 'Top-of-the-Line' 90 gr +P JHPs.
    She has proper mindset & will never be a victim.