Kahr Arms P45

Discussion in 'Pistols' started by jditti314, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. jditti314

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    Does anyone know if standard .45 ACP magazines will fit interchange with a Kahr Arms P45? It takes a 6 round magazine but I doubt the extra length will matter, just wondering if the internals will match up with the magazine?
  2. tigwelder56

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    Hey Ditti welcome to the forum!! The last thing I heard was no, Kahr themselves say that they only recommend their own mags which isn't surprising for liability's sake. I have read that if you want to try you can pick up a Commander style mag and (work) recut the mag well cut but you may end up trashing some perfectly good Commander mags in the process. But depending on the current Kahr price and the chance to pick up a few Commander mags at gun show prices, you may end up saving yourself some large $$$!! Good luck and good shootin!!


    PS: I have to add that I did some extra research on this and found some statements that claim the Commander mag will work sometimes but won't hold the slide open. The same individual claims that Mec Gar makes a 6 round SS that will work without modification. Which one that is is unknown to me, just passing on someone elses SWAG!! I would never consider ever using one in a defense gun, just sayin!!