Iver Johnson Trailsman 66 - .22

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    I was out shopping for a 2" J frame .38 yesterday and while I didn't come across one, I did find this little jewel. It was just sitting on the bottom shelf of old stuff the shop had and anything unusual always catches my eye! It's in beautiful condition, I'd say 90-95% NRA. I was actually surprised to see it sitting on the shelf considering today's market. I probably paid more than I should've but it was in such nice shape I couldn't put it back on that cold and lonely shelf, lol!

    Anyone that isn't familiar with the IJ T66, it's a top break, 8 round revolver, with a 6" barrel. It has target sights and what looks like a brown bakelite grip. The grip is checkered and has a nice molded in thumb rest. It has fully adjustable sights that are unusual. The front sight is adjustable for elevation (screw adj. spring set) and the rear is a standard windage adj. patridge type. They seem to be a very rugged set of sights overall. It has a wide spurred hammer and an equally wide grooved trigger. I'm really liking this revolver and am surprised about it's low price due to the apparent quality of the gun. At least I think so and that's what counts right now!! Haven't shot it yet, but I'm confident that it's going to be a real tack driver. It just looks like it and if it isn't, well, I need a new hammer anyway...

    I've been looking for a manual and haven't had any luck at all. Numrichs has a schematic and Steve's Pages doesn't have anything on it. So if anyone has one hiding in there drawer or hidey hole, I'll gladly take it off your hands or pay you for a copy. I'll keep you up to date on my ability to shoot it and hopefully keep it on the paper!