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    Be advised that youre dancing on the fringes of Destructive Device -- which is a huge federal bust.

    I trained in demolitions, explosives, and sabotage in the Army. Part of the training is to bring you up to speed on how the law views Americans who build bombs.

    Timothy McVeigh got the lethal needle. Terry Nichols is serving life without parole.

    Just so you know what youre messing with.

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    Be advised that only Military, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, can purchase restricted sale items.
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    BOOM! 'is 'ands were bloody well gone! Not mangled, nor torn, or even injured. Just flippin' disappeared in a cloud of pink spray! This was years ago. I was reading my Folks Life Magazine. A British Explosives Handler was de-fusing a Bomb that was disguised with a cigarette package. This was back in the time the I.R.A. was very active(+,-)1966. As the story went, the Officers' C.O. Ordered all Explosives teams to Wear their Saftey Gear. The Sergeant,here, detested gloves. The device WAS DEACTIVATED, by the Sergeant ,yet as the Life Photographer took his shot, it exploded. Taking both of the Officers' hands. Sarge was wearing his flak gear, however, he did get a face full of frag. Sittingmoose the Shaman say:" Common Sense is good, and a Pro has his 'Ways',for wich he strives. However, Listen to the 'Old Man', that's why the Ol' Chap is still ALIVE.". Keep Safe,Lads,one never is quite so sure where Bin Ladins', 'work' might show up, next!