I scammed the scammer!!!!

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    Here is what happened: he sent me that check for $3,000.00 and I deposited the funds last friday. it showed I had that much money in my account, untill today!!! which is excactly why they were trying to arrange a pick up of the Gun by today. I was onto it when I opened up my email and there was no email from Young Herndazzz. I wen't to my bank, sure enough, the balance was out of there!!! I did the right thing! when something sounds to good to be true, it is. I have all of the email msgs, the phone number of the fake shipper and wrote him a pretty nasty letter this morning, you tried that shit on a gun owners website!!! you have to be the dumbest M Fur I have ever known. I told him we were tracking him down as we speak, that I notifed all types of authority, BATFE, FBI, what not. The scam was a failure!!!!! I would still like to find the people who do this kinda shit, I am on disibility from an injury at work, I barely bring in enough money to live on. I have worked and paid into our system for allmost 18 years. This piece of work, oh man, I guess I can laugh about it now!!!