Hunters, take notice!!

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    Hey, we need some of you to start sharing some of your fall hunting stories with us. This thread needs some activity about it's namesake! Anyone with a good Mulie or Whitetail this Fall?
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    when i get one ,by god i,ll post

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    Opening day was a bust for me dark to dark.
    Next day, was a 4 point buck about 160 lbs.
    Next day was a doe, ~150 lbs.
    Both were in about the same area of the harvested field I usually hunt and both close to sunrise.

    Buck was a 75 yard shot and the doe was about 120 yards. Both hit with a single .300WinMag, 180gr SP and both were through shots just behind the shoulder. Found some copper jacket on the doe while field dressing. I love my .300WinMag, never had to do any tracking & never lost any meat.
    I hope to butcher them tomorrow and have them wrapped & in the freezer this weekend.

    Got skunked last year, but only had 2 days off during that season.
    Year before that, I got 2 bucks within a half hour of hunting on opening day, those were both near 240 lbs. (harvested soybean that year, harvested corn this tear)
    Last 2 years have been a drought, so that is prob reason for smaller deer.