Hi-Point CF-380 Reviews

Discussion in 'Pistols' started by pksteck, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. williamshoots1

    williamshoots1 New Member

    i have had my 380 for about a year now i had all kinds of jamming problems but i found out it was the ammo i was using i started using winchester ammo now i can shoot with no

    jams and as fast as my finger can pull with no problems i would recomend this gun its cheap and as long as u get the right ammo u should have a problem
  2. ely-medic

    ely-medic New Member

    I got a hi point 9 for my son and a 380 due to a lot of 380 ammo they were as you know cheap and not so good looking. But after a few K rounds thru them factory and reloads FMJ, HP no matter almost never a feed issue. less failures than my Smith with same ammo. some may think they are no good (how can they be good and cheap) they are!!! to big for a good ccw but hit what you aim at and go bang what else can they do??