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Discussion in 'Pistols' started by babysigi, Mar 26, 2006.

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    I understand Saylur, I normally Carry a Glock 19 or a 1911 but when buying a small Gun,Iopted for a Ruger 357 after problems with a Beretta PX-4sc cause I'm a thin guy.

    The Ammo may be limited, but I feel if I need more than 5 I shouldn't have got myself into the situation to start with. lol I am just a firm believer that if a Weapon has a bad rep, it will most probably come out when needed most, like when a person is in a very stressed situation. Hopefully none of us will ever need to prove or disprove that theory!

    I just wanted to mention the Raven cause that's a Weapon that cannot be worked or made right with practice. I'd hate some new Gun Owner to purchase one and get themself killed. I feel Dealers that sell them should at least warn a potential buyer.

    Personally I'd never be trying head shots at any range even with my larger Weapons.
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    This is my 1st handgun and I bought the c9 last week , put 400 rounds thru it and it worked great. My wife told me to bye another one so we can have 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs. She loved it. Plus its all i can afford right now anyway.

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