Hi-Point 380 ACP

Discussion in 'Gun Chatter' started by agisoec, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Hi, all,

    My wife suddenly bought me a Hi-Point .380 ACP. One problem is, I can't figure out what she's up to. (lol).

    I like the pistol, and even though it's on the low end of the purchase scale, it's not a "cheap" pistol.

    I cleaned off all the factory grease and re-oiled. Today I loaded it for the first time, and that's where I have a problem.

    This may be just me, but this dude is not easy to load the magazine. A few years back, I had a couple of small strokes that affected my hand strength and coordination. Therapy brought back the coordination, but not the strength.

    Is this particular loading difficulty typical of this pistol? Is the spring in the magazine too heavy, or is it just me? Should I just start doing hand strengthening exercises?

    I appreciate any comments or suggestions.

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