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Discussion in 'New Gun Owners' started by ChiroKai, Jul 27, 2010.

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    I am a first time buyer interested in a handgun for the main purposes of home defense and recreational firing. I have narrowed it down to three choices: a beretta 92, HK USP and a Sig p226. The thing is I have only been able to test shoot the beretta. I like how it fires and feels fine in my hand but am curious about the HK and sig. The problem is my local range doesn't have those models available for firing and I hesitate at the thought of buying a gun I've never fired before regardless of reputation. The beretta is also somewhat less expensive than the others, another plus. Any suggestions or comments are welcome. Thanks!
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    Hello Chirokai, welcome to the forum! Have you been able to go to a gun dealer in your area and look at the Sig and HK you're interested in? You can get a feel for their position in your hand, weight, sight picture, etc without firing them. Second, even though you haven't fired those two, they are as good as they get in regards to quality and performance. My opinion is that the quality of the HK and Sig is superior to the Beretta 92.

    Since this is your first handgun, can I ask your age and if you've had any training in this area? While a semi auto is nice to own and typically carries several rounds of ammuntion, they can also be fairly complex to operate and need additional training to operate safely. Have you considered a revolver? An excellent choice for a first gun is a .38 Special +P 2 or 3" Revolver. They are extremely easy to use and very reliable. They can be used with regular and +P ammunition. The regular loads are less expensive and are great for practice. +P will be your defense load. It's a very good option for you and something you should consider highly as a first gun. Maybe your range has them in stock for you to try. Good luck!