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    Hello to the forum.

    Does anyone frequent this forum or visit it? I have not seen anyone on here since I've been checking for a few weeks.

    What is needed to bring it to life?



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    Most of the prior members have moved on to other Firearms Forums and have long since lost this site's bookmark on a previous PC.
    Some of the main complaints of the members (years ago, not weeks) were the owners seeming disinterest or abandonment of the site, extreme failure to communicate, refusal to allow knowledgeable members to donate vast & qualified research towards updating the "directory", ignoring the input of experienced Mods, etc., etc.

    No small factor during the migration of members was that "Chevy Silverado ad" which caused many repeated failures to log in or to remain logged in.
    Also, was the "Reputation Percentage Number" assigned to each member; a very poor choice.

    I remained in contact with many of the "Core Members" for a couple years after the decimation of this seemingly abandoned forum (I am still in touch with several of them).
    As a retired LEO, Gun Forum Admin, Mod and Super Mod on other successful Gun Forums (including 'LEO Only' Forums), the decline of this site was of zero surprise to me.

    The members of this site were abandoned by the Owners/Admins and clearly stated such.
    The Mods were also ignored and could not help the site's Members.
    Even during the mass exodus of members, the Owners/Admins took no action toward retaining so many fine members.

    Currently, the site has been stagnant for years offering no reasons for anyone to visit.
    The "Gun Directory" needs serious updating, the site needs to be easily found in the SEOs, personal attention needs to be given to any member posting with minimal censorship.

    I know retired people, like myself, (with the time, knowlege and motivation), who would gladly help update the "Directory" and address the concerns of new & returning members.
    This will require a serious commitment by Owners, Admins, Mods, Knowledgeable Members, Investors and eventually, Sponsors regarding finance and time.
    Otherwise, the alternative is already achieved.

    I would be willing to help restore this site and help return members whom would be willing to begin transforming this site into an Information Directory (the only logical start) leading towards a membership Sponsors would be interested in as a viable investment. I have helped facilitate this goal with other Firearms Forums with successes proportionate to the seriousness of the Owners.
    Once a highly informative and useful Firearm Evaluation database is established (with other "starter data"), it will be necessary to utilize the major SEOs in order to be found/rediscovered on the vast Internet (this will require some expense and expertise, but is NOT optional).

    Please let me know if there is any serious interest in restoring this site as I believe it could fill a very clear niche in the community of Firearms Forums.


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    Thank you for that post.

    So, I have not been here enough either. It seemed as if nothing was happening.

    I'm a new person to the owning company and do forum Admin stuff.

    What would be the first step to help bring this site back to some life?

    I'll check back tomorrow to see if you've been around to give me any answers.

    And I'm Angie.
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    Type Gun Forums into Google and see the choices people have in choosing a forum they may want to join.
    It seems this site is not an option.

    Also, type 'SEO' into Goggle for a way to make this site an option for ANYONE to find.... or it will NEVER come back to life.

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    I type 'Gun Directory' inro Google and this site is the first on the page, but it seems no one seems to do that particular search as they are NOT aware of this site.

    This site needs to be 'linked' to other websites and search parameters.

    It would be good to see this site become ACTIVE again.... it won't happen by itself.

    The "Directory" with the Firearms Reviews needs serious updating and qualified persons are still willing to update the database at zero cost to the site's owners.
    Every day this site remains inactive will make it more difficult to revive.

    Or does no one care anymore?