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    I am not sure if this is the right form to ask this question, but, are Gun shows a good place to buy firearms VS a Regular gun store? at the soon up coming Sept 4-5 Gun Show here in Las Vegas Nevada, the only good name I've seen of vendors for the show is Beretta and if they have a good price for any of the PX4 models or maybe a 92S model I'll buy one. it will be my first hand gun, do they do back ground checks there? and do I have to wait 72 hours " cooling period" till I can take it home with me?
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    Hi First Timer and welcome to the forum! A gunshow is an excellent place to purchase a firearm, knife or sportsman's supply. There's so much stuff, especially in a gunshow the size of something in LV, you'd be robbing yourself the chance to find a good deal and let me not fail to mention, drool. They are an absolute candy store for us like minded people :)

    The one thing to remember about gunshows is that they are legally equivalent to a brick and motor store. All established firearm laws are the exact same. Unless you have a concealed carry permit and your state allows it, you in most cases are allowed to walk out with your firearm. That's the case here in Florida. If not, you are subject to the exact same waiting/cooling off period as anyone else. If you lived in the Socialist State of Kalifornia you'd have to wait at least a week to pick it up! Remember one thing, gunshows provide you the opportunity to put hands on more firearms than any one gunshop can. You can go into them with knowledge from early visits to your local gunshops and compare prices. I've often seen vendors asking more in a gunshow than a local gunshop. Local gunshops survive by selling to local shooters and often provide better discounts than you can find at the gunshows. Your local shop can provide far better personal follow up service than can anyone from a show, provided they aren't local. If you have an issue right away, it's far easier to talk with a local dealer than it is from someone from Reno, who's just glad to have your money.

    It's all food for thought. I've bought guns from both outlets and have gotten good and bad deals from both. Do your homework and turn things in your favor! Good luck!!!


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    What Tigwelder said!!

    Also, 'sometimes' you may see something that would never had made it to your local dealer. Accessories can be excellent, cleaning kits, cheap ammo cans, etc.

    LV ought to be a great experience. Many shows are just a bunch of dealers cleaning out the junk in their basements.

    Dealers can do the NICS check on-the-spot. If you need any firearms info, just call any local dealer in the area or visit the online site of the NV Attorney General.

    Laws are the same for all FFL dealers doing business in NV, regardless of where their gun show booth or store is.