Gun Rights By State:

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    Many Gun-Control Bills are going to the State & Federal Legislatures.
    Fortunately, many are gettitng tossed-out for the garbage they are, some are repeating some old Restrictions , that have been tried and failed.
    (my state has had 5-9 reps voting against our rights, I am keeping a list for "voting day")

    I am keeping track of the legislators by sending them my thoughts on their bills; or their support of others' bills.
    Fortunately, all this attention on firearms has caused my State to recognize some unnecessary restrictions on gunowners and drafted/passed bills accordingly.

    We have the basics like a Castle Doctrine, Stand-Your-Ground, Prosecution Protection, City/State property Carry, Restaurant Carry, etc. Both Houses just voted to recognize ANY State's CCW Permits, with more approved.
    Last year we passed a State Constitutional Amendment making a standing Military subordinate to the State plus guaranteeing Second Amendment Rights. We also have a law pending that, ALL Public Schools may Authorize 'Armed Staff' on School Grounds, to Protect our children against attacks and losing the "GUN-FREE-ZONE-SHOOTING PRESERVES",which some areas wish for their children, which will apply to Malls, businesses, Stadiums, etc. This will also apply to 'armed employees' if they wish to exercize their rights.
    Violent Crime around here is near zip (Sure not like Anti-Gun Chicago, we don't want THAT!!

    The State's Constitutional Amendment regarding 2nd Amendment Rights needs to be a piority, though.
    Check Here to see your State's Constitutional Stance on the 2nd Amendment:
    To Check Recirocity, Workplace Laws, etc., Check HERE: