Gun Laws

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    0's for cause of jerks like that- that I'm armed... These fellows just like to kill! Well, such a 'defence' of merely feeling threatened for use of force does not work up here in NY. He'd be hit w/Manslaughter, 1st degree or Murder, 2nd degree- on both victims. Just some guy w/a gun lookin' for trouble... No matter. Still gotta 'face' Father when y'ih die ennyways...
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    Yea, it makes no sense to me from what little I heard. Most of what I heard was the commentators interviewing someone who felt he would get off. I really wish someone here knew exactly what happenned. I thought the basics were the same no matter where you are??

    As I said, I did catch the end of his testimony and he was a real wise guy the way he answered. Smirk and all!

    Just by the look on his face I would have found him GUILTY!

    I would be a terrible Juror. It would take about 30 seconds for me to form my opinion of a defendant!