Gun buying trend toward high capacity?

Discussion in 'Gun Chatter' started by whitehood, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. whitehood

    whitehood Well-Known Member

    This is what I see. Before the Tuscon shooting what I saw personally was a trend toward smaller, compact, more concealable weapons, like the Ruger LCR's LCP's and the S&W bodyguard series etc. Now wha I see is a run on large to medium frame high capacity weapons along with as many mags as one can find. This was reiterated to me at a gunstore yesterday. 1911's sales are way flat. I"ve thought about this and have pondered what should I get next and the high capacity ParaOrdinances come to mind. Maybe plan for the future with a couple of 357 revolvers?
  2. robalan

    robalan Well-Known Member

    I cannot say the Arizona tragedy influenced my opinion on guns and what to purchase. The 1911s, Ruger LCP, and others like them are great for self-defense. The recent 9mm additions on the market also look really good and I anticipate they will sell well.

  3. BrianB

    BrianB Well-Known Member

    It is a knee jerk reaction. Just like the anti-gun crowd shouting for gun bans, the gun crowd feels threatened and go out to get anything they think may not be there tomorrow. generally speaking anyways, I don't want to stereotype.

    Reminds me of the whole 2k thing, with everyone feeling like "Oh my God, we are going to lose everything. We must go out and buy all the bottled water and batteries that we can." Yeah, whatever.

    Now if I had the chance to go out and buy a bunch of hicap firearms, just in case, then I might. Don't really have the money for it fight now though. Course if I did have that kind of money I probably would have them already.
  4. ulgydog56

    ulgydog56 Well-Known Member

    I,m good with hi caps,for myself thu not for every day carry,unless warranted,to heavy for all day daily use and it ends up in the car.......
  5. JustBen

    JustBen Well-Known Member

    I personally think we were short sighted with this Y2K thing. While making the field 4 digits, we could have easily made it 5. Think about it, in just under 8,000 years we have to go through the same thing all over again.

    More is better baby !!!!!!
  6. robalan

    robalan Well-Known Member

    We moved to four numbers after reaching one thousand. Using five numbers too soon will mean using an extra number for thousands of years. Think of all that use of resources. People would have to prematurely throw away everything with four numbers. Can you imagine what would happen to the landfills? It may even slip us into global warming quicker. :) And I also believe in one shot, one stop.