Groundhog load for .357 Mag

Discussion in 'Hunting' started by Marcbowers, May 22, 2007.

  1. Marcbowers

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    Anybody have a suggested load for a revolver load for these bad boys. I have a S&W with a 5 inch barrel and will be getting a scope for it. Not looking for beanfield performance but a hundred yards + or so. Any help appreciated.

  2. critical

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    Unless you are a world champion shot you will be wounding a lot of groundhogs at those ranges which is unethical. I would not do it. A more realistic range would be maybe 35 yds. The brain on a groundhog is maybe 2" diameter. As Tig mentions a possible 4" group perhaps a where the pistol shoots 1" groups would be the max range?
  3. Blackrifle

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    How about a recommendation for a pellet gun load for Bear? (Even if I have to shoot twice :) )
  4. critical

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    Place the pellet gun barrel inside the bear's skull about 4" then pull the trigger. Careful it may tick him off.
  5. pastorfarley

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    I think it may be hard to get a .357 bullet that is built to expand well on groundhogs. That said, the .357 unexpanded is larger than the .22 Mag fully expanded and I have killed many with a "Maggie". The real question is what is the most accurate load for your gun? I would feel comfortable using .38 Special wadcutters if they were the most accurate ammo I could find. If you are willing to stalk close a good revolver can do the job, if you want to sit out at 50-100 yards and wait for an unsuspecting chuck then a revolver is not the firearm for the job.

    GOANRA Well-Known Member

    Only a rifle is suitable for shooting groundhogs. A .22 HP works very well.

    Many farmers will let you hunt their fields between plantings, as their burrows cause broken axles on tractors.

    A .223 is ideal if range is needed.