Good Deer Rifle for 100-150 Yards?

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    I've taken many deer wtht shotguns and a .444 Marlin.

    But, too many times I've just sat and watched while deer grazed in a field 300-400 yards away, for hours... then wandered off in another direction.

    Too FRUSTRATING!! So I went and got a Rem 742 BDL 30-06 [semi] with a 4x12x50 scope.

    Much better! Then I could watch deer grazing 800 yards away before wandering off.

    Nothing like a good scope. LOL

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    In Nov 2010, I went & got a .Rem .300WinMag. At the end of the month deer season began.
    I was already sitting by a treline in the dark. When sunrise came, it was about 8 minutes before a 250 lb buck jumped out of the woods about 75 yards from me.

    Dropped him in 'one' shot with a 180 gr SP bullet. He fell on his face with his butt in the air immediately.
    Went home, took a nap, and went back out & sat on my 5 gal pail at 2:57 p.m.
    At 3:09 p.m., I saw a spikehorn looking at me from some cat-tails at about 90 yards, hit him in the chest. Found him where I hit him, also weighed at 250 lbs.

    Two magnificent bucks within 20 minutes of hunting (got skunked the following year, though).
    The .300Win Mag was NOT over-kill... neither deer was "overly-dead".

    Both were clean, instant kills with zero meat loss.
    How not to love a round that needs no compensation for range to 300 yards? Plus, NO Tracking a wounded, sufferng animal.

    Just sighted it in last Sat, first round hit POA, so I called it a day.

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    Got a button buck with my crossbow this year. Now looking forward to gun season starting tomorrow in the state I reside in. Only muzzle loaders and slug guns allowed here. I guess my Savage .243 sniper will have to wait for an out of state hunting trip.

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    JustBen, I used to have to use shotgun & slugs when I lived in the north, unless I drove far north for rifle zone, but fewer deer.
    I used slug bbl with 3 inch sabot slugs & got my deer quota every year, if freezer had room.

    I always wanted a 'rifled barrel' for my Moss 500, but never got one. I was good to about 125 yards with 24" smooth bore with rifle sights for a 4 inch group.
    A Rifled barrel on shotgun + a muzzleloader barrel on Moss 500 would make for some fine deer hunting in wooded areas.

    Crossbows weren't legal when I lived up that way... sounds difficult.