Glock 26 Reviews

Discussion in 'Pistols' started by Makarov, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. johnwyatt21

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    to sw insured stovepipe in the ejection port i have a kci mag

  2. joey4654

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    Went to the local gun shop to buy a glock 26 gen 4.....and got a great deal on a new glock 26 gen 3 LE pakage.....150 dollars less than a gen i bought it. And let me tell u i love this gun..i will carry this gun when the weather starts to get cooler in my crossbreed summer carry is my pm9 with crimson trace and a crossbreed holster...the g26 is very accurate and with mepro night will be a keeper....
  3. jbfla

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    I had a student in my most recent Point Shooting class who had a new G26 4th generation. I have never seen so many malfunctions. I have multiple Glocks myself including a G26 3rd gen and the next malfunction will be the first one.

    I shot her gun so it was not related to handling as the malfunctions happened to me as well. In retrospect I probably should have swapped my spring for the one in her gun to see if that would have made any difference. I lubed the pistol on the range so that was not an issue either. I have seen some other posts that suggest the 4th gen guns do not like certain ammo.

    Not sure what Glock has done to their 4th gen pistols but they have gotten something wrong this time.
  4. snke_doctr

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    When I'm wearing my Glock 26 it's in a Galco G919 Cop Series holster. It's a very good combo IMO. The Glock is a Gen3 and of course came w/ the 2 magazines NIB. The 26 is, IMO, one of Glock's best, shoots to point of aim & enables nice groups. Only draw-back, again IMO, is the 10rd magazine; it's so damn small in size, and hard to load w/ a speed loader, so I bought & use the G19's 15rd mags. I also bought a magazine sleeve from the Glock Store.
  5. johnwyatt21

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    can anyone tell me where to find a glock 15 round mag for my 26
  6. 1ofEA

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    The standard Glock 19 mags will fit the 26 and they hold 15 rounds. I don't know if they make a sleeve for them so the grip may seem awkward. I also have an aftermarket 33 round mag that's fun to play with.